Funds. Inventory. Marketing.

Inventory Loans for merchants who currently trade on big E-commerce platforms Guddies Planet, Facebook, Jiji etc, with a documnted sales record.

Inventory loan to keep your business running.

Octoba offers you the needed support to take your business to the next level, from inventory loan, delivery support, shop insurance and free e-marketplace. We are building an inclusive and tech driven retail solution for Nigerian retailers to enables the digital transformation of every aspect of retailer operations.

  • Get products on credit and pay back after sales.
  • Health and Shop Insurance.
  • Swift and 24 hours Delivery
  • Lowest prices in the market.

Cash loan to keep your business running.

Octoba provides a convenient business loan for Nigerian businesses. Wether you sell online on Guddies Planet, Konga, Jumia or Jiji, Octoba offers you the needed support for growth, get loan, procurement and marketing support for your business, we are determined to help your grow and sustain your business.

  • Most convenient repayment plans.
  • Fastest request processing.
  • Automated payment scheduler.
  • Lowest interest rate.

Eligibility Criteria

You are good to go, if you meet these requirements.


Revenue Potential

Your online business is able to show at least ₦200,000 revenues on average in the last 6 months.


Address Validation

You have been a resident of that address for a minimum of 6 months.


Business Niche

You sell on major online e-marketplace with a detailed sales record to prove your sales.


Credit Eligibility

Clean credit report, i.e you have no pending or existing loan with any loan company.


Happy Businesses

Whether you are a FMCG retailers or you sell online on the top Online platforms in Nigeria, Octoball will provide you with the needed support for your business growth.



Register an account to get the requirements and how it works.


Upload the KYC requirement

Provide every required details and documentation for proper verification and documentation.


Submit Request

Submit your support request, either Cash Loan or Inventory Laon.

Our Strategy

Loan or Inventory, Octoba have your back..

Octoba partners with distributors and manufacturers to make sure that all your inventory needs are met, make an inventory loan request and get everything delivered to you with ease.

Hundreds of thousands of retailers of all sizes across Nigeria use Octoba to get access to business loans to manage their daily operations. Get started today.

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