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Refer and enrol retail outlets you know and get paid.


Refer Retailers

To get started, discover new retail outlets not served by Credmart and register the outlet using your agent account, we will review the retail and accept.


Retailers Order

Our support team engage the vendor while ypu can also ensure the retailer restocks their shop by ordering products via the website or call 08029292877.


We Deliver & You Get Paid

Once the order is completed, you will be notified on your agent account and you will see the outlet there as active.Payments will be made in 24 hours.

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Becoming an Octoba Agent

Octoba is the most reliable partner for retail business in Nigeria, we enable retailers order and restock their shops with ease supported by trained and qualified agents across the country. You too can sign up as an Agent, enrol retail outlets in your location and get paid for each order placed by retailers you registered.

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